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Altus Mortgage Corporation can help lower your payments by refinancing your home loan with a low interest mortgage rate. Check out our mortgage quotes provided quickly with competitive refinancing rates.

We are the nation's premier web-based deep discount mortgage lender. We never charge the sales commission that you would normally pay elsewhere. We offer identical mortgage products to the bigger banks but at a 1/4% discount in the interest rate from what they typically offer.

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Mortgage Quotes - New Home Loans and Refinancing Services.

Refinance Your Home at today's low mortgage rates and greatly reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

No matter if it is a home purchase or a refinance, every Altus borrower receives our exclusive written Closing Cost Guarantee, which guarantees the closing costs under our control will be exactly as we promise. You can check your processing and approval status via our secure on-line encrypted password protected on-line status form.

Altus means better mortgage rates. We originate mortgages directly with consumers and process applications on behalf of our lenders, which are major national banks, and specialized mortgage banks. By working together with these investors, consumers have greater loan choices and better pricing than they receive from other brokers. We are proud to be a primary factor in reducing the cost of obtaining a mortgage. We take pride in offering no sales people, state of the art information technology, and leading edge delivery of service.

Altus does business in a way that save our average borrower over $1,300 what their local mortgage broker or bank would have cost them. Altus means intelligent utilization of technology. Our ability to offer you an unmatched price/service mix is based upon our industry leading systems expertise. Customer Satisfaction Based Upon Industry Knowledge. We understand that offering great rates is only part of the equation, customers deserve great service as well. And Altus customers receive just that. Our customers benefit from our ability to offer the lowest rates while offering the best service.

Most Altus Mortgage, Inc. borrowers are approved within 48 hours of signing their Service Agreement, pending receipt of the appraisal and title insurance. We need your signed loan disclosures before we can clear your loan to close. Once everything has been received, we'll coordinate a fast closing with you, the closing firm and seller (if you are buying a new home).

You can use your home's equity to your best benefit. You can buy a new car, consolidate your debts, finance a child's education, remodel your home, or finally get started on that growing list of home-improvement projects. A home equity line of credit offers flexible, convenient access to your funds with interest rates that are usually significantly lower than credit cards.

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Residential Mortgage Services:
Contact Altus for all your financial services and lending needs. Offering free, updated rate quotes from hundreds of lenders. Give our loan officers the chance to help you sort through the many lending options available. Heartland mortgage provides many convenient lending options for homeowners. Check first and see how high your credit score has climbed.

Altus Mortgage can help, so check out our low mortgage rates and money saving refinancing services. Regular banks and mortgage companies cannot offer the same rates that we do because of their overhead. We pass back to you the money we save by not having to pay for salespeople and expensive office space. We regularly save our borrowers from .25% to .50% on your interest rate compared to traditional mortgage lenders. Or, for the same rate available elsewhere, we can save you up to 1% in closing costs. Either way, Altus will save you thousands of dollars.

Credit repair services to reduce and eventually eliminate your debt. Home owners insurance quotes to help you find the lowest rates on your homeowners policy. Contact us today regarding the best lending products available for homeowners.

With a fixed rate mortgage, you'll get the security and knowledge that your rate will never change. You can make extra principal payments any time without penalty. Altus Mortgage, Inc. offers fixed rates for 10, 15, 20 and 30-year periods.

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